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Produkter fra As We Are Now

“Look great, feel amazing - and make a sustainable value choice - all at the 
same time!”

As We Are Now was born from founder Anette Miwa Dimmen’s desire to create a new kind of lifestyle brand with a holistic approach to fashion, lifestyle, design and sustainability. Having worked for 10 years in an international design & manufacturing agency, she saw a gap in the market for a brand that connects feminine aesthetics and values with smart products and innovative fabrics.

As We Are Now (AW:AN) is about the freedom to live comfortably, sustainably and effortlessly. It is about understanding the modern woman’s need for versatility, and help her save time while she transition seamlessly from A to B and from am. to pm. in her everyday life.


Bilde av AW:AN - The Kaftan Dress - Black Bilde av AW:AN - The Kaftan Dress - Black
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